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Have you ever tested yourself before and got speed numbers closer to what youd expect given your distances? Too many coaches are asked every day by donors, administrators, and student-athletes to operate in ways that are inappropriate and overburdening. Firmly grip the golf club, but do it not in a choking grasp position. The act of writing on paper with a pen makes you focus your attention on what you are currently doing, writing. This type of formula is used in most online club-fitting tools to recommend a shaft flex for irons. Most of the time, they can hit distances not only by using their golf driver but also the other golf clubs. As you can see, the club speed for the average PGA Tour pro is 113 mph with driver. This is a definite downgrade for Masters qualifier Adrian Meronk, but he may be another that needs a run on a strange track, whilst Yannik Paul will need to tidy up his driving to allow him to continue his Smith-esque tee-to-green game. Occasionally, youll see guys get in to the Final-8 at the World Championships that average in the 130s. If manufactures list swing speed with Distance then this would help the Club golfer choose more acuratly the right shaft for his/her swing speed. I agree that this is certainly the case in some instances on the PGA Tour. Simply put, the more swing speed you have, the farther youll hit the ball. Usually, this equipment aims to have great distance together with consistency. I live in south dakota where its arctic tundra 6 months a year.. What can i do to keep my swing on point during winter months? The golf ball's speed in the air can be influenced by various factors like club head speed and your golf swing. Anne Van Dam is as fast as some male professional golfers. That's not true at all with many of the charts . 8-9 iron. it sure pays off. Jacob, I am asking cause I am always trying to learn this game. I didnt feel like i was swinging hard but those numbers seem high.Im 64 if height matters, just wondering your thoughts on it.. The numbers seem accurate. So, the best solution here is to equip you with a concrete foundation for the improvement of the swing speed within the golf course. All of the products we highlight are recommended for their quality, performance, and overall reputation, regardless of any affiliate relationships. Driver: 215m = 234 yards I then started using the journaling portion of the app. Thats a story I already wrote about for About to give up and forget a new driver when the fitter brought me a Covert Performance head with 60g X silver shaft from the Tour head. Regarding male amateurs, since 2005, the United States Golf Association (USGA) reports that the average handicap has been between 14 and 15. But, attaining a quick clubhead speed doesnt happen overnight. My grip is the first thing Ill be working on once the snow clears up, Ill keep the left hand in mind too (tend to ignore it). He also designs the heads with multiple weight ports in the head and hosel to accommodate building drivers of various lengths at whatever swing weight you like. This doesnt affect which products are included in the articles. For me the best results come from a regular flex shaft and 10.5 degree loft. Aside from that, they are also the main ones responsible for creating the power that will generate the downswing afterward. Its our belief that LPGA Tour players could actually be competitive on mens professional tours provided they work on getting faster through a swing speed training like we have here at Swing Man Golf through All-Access. Im a high spin player, but no ballooning. While I was never going to back him at the price, last weeks ISPS Handa champion Lucas Herbert came to the course with the right form-lines Dubai and Crans that mirrored one of Ishiokas previous course runner-ups in Ashun Wu. . To do . For the record, I tee it low (<1/3 of ball above driver face), about level with my front big toe, and hit it sweet or a bit high. But as well see in a moment, they are actually still quite slow relative to the competitors in the World Long Drive Championships. Finally, at 97 mph, the high solo-digit handicaps move over this swing speed rate. At the age of 53, he could swing over 12 mph faster than the PGA TOURs long hitting Bubba Watson. Has anyone ever heard of someone who can only carry their driver 215, can only carry their 3 iron 180-185, but carrys their 9 iron 155. You will then have your average clubhead speed in miles per hour. Of course around here there is always about a 10-15 mph wind and seems always either cross or in your face. This is actually pretty close! Rich, it sounds like you hit the ball lower than a typical Tour player would in proportion to your swing speed. Example 1 - 300 yard drive. The troubling part of the study is how many coaches deal with stress and their environment. Moreover, setting around 97 to 104 mph through the driver requires you to have a stiff flex. My swing has changed a lot and my drives now ballon. Thanks for the reply Jaacob. Swing Speed / Club Speed Plays a Major Role in Gaining Distance Definition: Swing speed, also referred to as club speed, is how fast the golf club is traveling when it hits the golf ball. If we assume that they have the same efficiency of PGA TOUR players at 2.62 yards/drive, that would put their 2022 average swing speed at 114.1. Soon after our initial conversation, we agreed to study the mental health of college coaches. Strictly following the steps below will generally help better in achieving longer golf shots along with speedy swings. How fast is your swing speed with your driver? The 19.2 degrees that is listed for the 5-wood, hybrid, and 3-iron is an average of the club(s) each player used that was between the 3-wood and 4-iron. First of all, how important is your average golf swing speed? This could be from having your hands too far forward at impact, having the ball too far back in your stance, hitting the balls a little too much on the downswing, etc. The lives of coaches, and by connection their student-athletes, depend on it. Only needing paper and a pen, anyone can do this at anytime. Two of his articles for GolfWRX are the two most viewed of all time. Finally, the calculator rounded your . Hi Jim, you might look in to the clubs made by a friend of mine named Tom Wishon, who is also one of the other Featured Writers here on the GolfWRX site. I had been using a golf performance app designed by Karl Morris (Mind Caddie) for note-keeping after my rounds. Bought a covert today. Like you say, if a certain flight fits their eye or is comfortable and the idea is to score as low as possible, you dont need to be the most efficient driverprovided you have enough speed and distance. The result will be your calculated Ball Speed (BS). All distances have to do with set-up, grip, attack angle, and many other factors, I am a scratch golfer, and swing at 115 mph. Im living proof of that. Heres what a tour players striking pattern looked like after about 10 shots. Heres a little more detail to illustrate the correlation between driving distance and swing speed. Your email address will not be published. When I have brought my radar thing with me to the course and max out my speed say about 93-95 I still do not get 235 or whatever, more like 225 and thats with about 10 yards of roll. You'll. However, we did come across a document from a single event in 2008 containing the swing speed of each player in the field. Its good to know that my distances are actually consistent with what they should be. The somewhat vast differences in speed are due to differences in iron lofts and swing types impacting the shot's carry distance. Once you have your Swing Speed (SS), you should multiply it by 1.4. A bogey-free 64 saw him leap up the board to eighth place after two rounds last week, whilst an early double, and a few too many dropped shots saw him drop away to 35th by the time the cheques were signed. Improving Your Physical Fitness. Do you know your spin rate and the exact loft (not whats stamped on it) of your driver? For performance over the last three months, the mercurial 36-year-old is 16th in overall ranking on stats site Tour Tips, helped by 27th in total driving, 20th in ball-striking, 29th in greens, 39th in scrambling and 27th for putting average something beautiful about that consistency, and requiring very little improvement to figure here. One thing is that a lot of courses one only uses his driver say 10 times so the 18th hole youve finally warmed up enough to max out your speed but by then if youve been walking and its warm out you might also be a little fatigued. Keep eyes on more repetitions guaranteeing that you are targeting on form and elevating the speed swing. More photos from the event here. Required fields are marked *. For you to be guided accordingly with this, here are some of the swing speed charts that you must look at to give you an idea about your target swing speed. Dr. Julie Smith, Why Has No One Told Me This Before. Then it would just be a matter of making some setup/swing tweaks to get your launch angle dialed in at that spin. Immediately noticed huge improvement. There are any number of ways to fix get the face-to-path more closedone that you might try would be turning your left hand grip a little clockwise on the grip. Launching 13-14, about 3000 spin, but every shot dead straight and carrying 280-285 (set 10.5 open). For these average male golfers, Trackman statistics report the average club head speed at this 14-15-handicap level is about 93.4 mphyielding an average total distance of 214 yards per drive. The 19.2 degrees that is listed for the 5-wood, hybrid, and 3-iron is an average of the club (s) each player used that was between the 3-wood and 4-iron. But, the following are the most important muscles that need to be strengthened to achieve an elevation on swing speed: You may be wondering why these muscles are highly essential. . Hold the hands in the front position resembling the grip of the driver. Concentrate on swinging the golf club while creating a whoosh sound. The event average was 111 mph, which is more or less what we saw on the PGA TOUR in the same year. Moreover, flexibility is also crucial here which pertains to the wider motion coverage our body performs. It would require changes to accomplishwhich youd have to decide whether or not its worth it. It may take a number of tries to have the courage to make the normal swing under the danger-left circumstances, but the fact that you are recognizing what is happening is a good start to changing how you respond. Lets check them out below! Focus on building a new brain circuit on top of going to the range trying to build muscle memory. This is typically for an average distance of 214 yards. Q: WHAT IS CONSIDERED A HIGH SWING SPEED IN GOLF? Any way, great article and thanks so much for compiling and sharing this information. It would seem the need to switch would be particularly acute on the LPGA tour if the fairways are wet for these gals they are going to play a very different course than when it is dry considering for them follout constitutes 1/7th of total distance they must have numbers that will allow more carry, or more roll on the conditions. Im thinking of switching from interlocking to overlapping because Ive tried fixing my grip repeatedly and it never sticks with me long. My swing speed based on one of those ssr radar things ranges from mid 80s to mid 90s depending on how warmed up i am and i play at sea level. Its possible to hit a 260 or 270 yd drive, but if youre averaging that distance your clubhead speed would be over 100 mph. Alternatively, you can divide the carry distance by 2.3 to estimate the swing speed at impact . That makes the average male amateur driving efficiency to be 2.29 yards per mph of club head speed. Several things to note about the data in the chart below are: Here is the chart. It would have been interesting to know how well she would have done had she been even just a few mph fasterwhich is certainly doable. Here are some average speeds of a few individual Final-8 competitors. Make sure that your hands are free from grasping any golf driver. If you constantly tell yourself you are a poor putter, then you will become one. In case the golfers elicit poor body movement, chances are, they can acquire golfing injuries as well as reducing their athletic performance. So, basically, although swing technique, ball striking, and equipment fitting are all important to distance and scoringsimply put, if you want to be a longer or better player or both, you must also have more swing speed. Keep in mind that various speed golfers possess distinct abilities that have a direct connection with the speed and golf ball distance. You can learn more about Jaacob, Swing Man Golf, and Sterling Irons here: Weve got junior golfers from 12 years old to men on up in to their 80s with handicaps ranging from pro to 30+ who add an average of 12-16 mph (30-40 yards) of driver swing speed in their first month of basic training. Also, with 1.2 degrees less in loft, your launch angle should come down to the 12-15* range, which is better for your swing speed than 13-16* but still a tiny bit high. The driver is 45.5 and my spin was 2574 and launch between 13-16*. Hit literally every new driver, and the Cell, XHot and covert were all giving me ~108 ss, but all nearly 4000 spin . Callum Hill andGuido Migliozzi also appealed after their starred efforts last week, with the Italian favoured following his first three rounds of 69/68/64 in China. I guess that in my mid 50s thats not too bad after playing only 3 years and if the ladies can shoot the low scores they do hitting the clubs they do, I should just concern myself with getting better and more accurate than worry about gaining distance as it seems many are preoccupied with. That makes the average male amateur driving efficiency to be 2.29 yards per mph of club head speed. Focusing on outcomes you cant control can put you in a mental tailspin. The Senior Tour numbers were calculated by taking the 2012 mean driving distance of 273.4 yards per drive on the Senior Tour and back-calculating the other numbers based on the PGA Tours average driving efficiency of 2.58 yards per mph of club head speed. On the other hand, the rest of my yardage numbers are right in line with the PGA tour average of 113mph club head speed but I hit my irons between 30-35 yards high at the apex. He also added more fat and muscle weight and worked far harder than necessary to increase his swing speed. Hey. Aside from that, this training can be done at home for practicing using a golf simulator. Mathematically, the ball can only go so far with a given swing speed. So my initial thought is that if you want to optimize your driver for distance, youll likely need a lower lofted driver. In 2022, the median player on the DP World Tour averaged 298.98 off the tee. Note that I do NOT get a financial commission from this. As you go on along the performance of the speed swing training, you will able to find the advantages of the appropriate golf grip. At the Senior (Over 45 years old) level, in 2012 a Senior division Final-8 competitor averaged 131 mph with a peak of 137 mph. This can include distinct feels on the motion. Cheers. In a six-month span, I lost two close friends to suicide. I would believe that teaching pros have about the speed as a lot of touring pros do. When it comes to hitting the ball farther, a lot of golfers realize that technique is important. Sang Moon Baes whats in the bag accurate as of the Zurich Classic. Twitter - @JaacobBowden & @SwingManGolf & @SterlingIrons; STUPID! I would journal before bed as a daily reflection and to prepare for the next day. Here at The Golfing Pro, we provide guides, practical tips, and golf equipment suggestions so you, too, can play like a pro. Pingback: Best 12 swing speed distance calculator -, Pingback: Regular vs Stiff Flex Shafts For Fairway Woods - Which One Should You Be Using? Dont know anything about the Srixon balls. The overall average is 93.4 mph, so if you're hovering around there, you should. With teachers and kids having access to this kind of information, they can get all those swing changes engrained early on. He has an average attack angle of -1.6 degrees. The next technique in generating the speed of the golf club head is emphasizing the downswing. Back then, Louis Oosthuizen, Hideki Matsuyama and Bae top-scored for the Internationals, while Phil Mickelson, Zach and Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth and Bubba Watson scored heavily for the US. The Germans best form reads very well in the context of this event, with his best effort (according to world rankings) being a win at the Di-Data in Fancourt, a 7400-yard (roughly) course that saw him beat big-hitters Dean Burmester, Daniel Hillier and JC Ritchie amongst others. And carrying almost 270. All gave near or over 4000 spin, not as straight, and sub 10 launch. If you optimize, you can beat the chart. What impact does swing speed have on distance? Here is the speed swing training that you can practice within the driving range. Basically, something that works for you that gets your driver path more rightward (which can be somewhat counter intuitive). He has since won the Pinnacle Distance Challenge with a televised 381-yard drive, won multiple qualifiers for the World Long Drive Championships including a 421-yard grid record drive, made cuts in numerous tournaments around the world with rounds in the 60s and 70s, and finished fifth at the Speed Golf World Championships at Bandon Dunes. Cameron Champ currently leads the club-head speed charts this season with a 129.72 average. Losing just 10 MPH's off of that swing and going down to 90 will pull the distance all the way down to about 232 yards - a major difference when actually playing a round of golf. Flip-releases are generally pretty good for hitting the ball with some pop and yet with less deviance in ball flight curvature. Overall, complete body strength and fitness are highly crucial. Camilo Villegas is arguably more fit than John Daly, but John can swing faster.Granted, some of this is due to Johns technique, equipment, etcbut the point is that although fitness certainly has its place in golf and life, for distance and application towards becoming a better playerits more about being fast than fit. The good thing about this is that you wouldnt get out of the Tour at any particular time. The pros can do it because they have been practicing most of their lives and have equipment that is exactly fitted to them. More photos from the event here. I can relate to one of the golfers who stated he can relate more to the LPGA golfers. If you tend to follow the inappropriate technique, then completeness of any drills and use of the best golf equipment may not really help. BTW I tested last years Taylor Made RBZ 3 wood and it was 15 yards longer than anything new. For example Trackman measures the center of mass of the club while Foresight measures the fastest part of the club (usually the toe of the club as it is closing through the shot). Higher spin rates are generally more accurate, so that would be good for tight courses. So, as you can see, the more swing speed you have, in general the farther you will drive the balland as Ive shown, more distance also makes it easier to shoot lower scores. Jacob, thank you for sharing this. For these average male golfers, Trackman statistics report the average club head speed at this 14-15-handicap level is about 93.4 mphyielding an average total distance of 214 yards per drive. Even with all this new technology that is coming out these days to help assess how efficient guys are with their driving distances, it doesnt mean its worth making swing changes and risking losing their tour card just for a few extra yards. Barrie, you might check out some of my friend Tom Wishons GolfWRX articles. I am really enjoying your articles. I normally get about 270 drives on the course with my Superfast 1.0 Stiff 9.5, but it goes low, as do my irons. These outstanding men and women deserve far better than what they are getting. The training aims to achieve a better feel during the swing at a quicker velocity compared to normal swing speed. As you can see, 45% have a club speed between 91 and 100 mph. 300 - 5% = 285 carry distance. You either have to adjust for that by setting up a little more aimed right, forcing your swing path more to the right, or something along those lines. One example is you explaining why we should move the driver ball forward & raise the tee height so we have a slight ascending swing. More like 177 to 180 range to be exact. In my opinion, the role and scope of coaching college golf do not align with reality. Theres multiple ways you can address that but just for starters I would make sure to consciously recognize when you think that situation might arise and just simply remind yourself right beforehand to make your normal swing. Sometimes I hit a driver 180 or 210 yards with a good roll etc. Thanks . When its my normal weak slice miss, Its a push slice (I should add for my ego that this miss occurs only about once a round with driver, and maybe twice with irons. Is that normal and does anyone else have this problem. Of course, your distances will vary based on how well you're striking the ball, but this cheat sheet should give you a good idea of how far you can expect your clubs to go when hit well. Was amazing. As your clubs get shorter and your loft increases, the theoretical maximum distance that you can hit goes down. The final training has the objective of returning on the golf grip. Looking at the chart, you may also wonder why professional golfers usually hit the golf ball for amazing distances. Is this possible or did I happen to use a partial swing in the simulator? How big are your hands if you are 6 inches tall? The Italian was unfortunate to lose to a demon putting display by Rozner in Qatar but, that, along with top finishes in Denmark, Dubai and at the European Open go alongside three wins at this level in making his claim. With 8 full swing performance data parameters and the ability to practice anywhere, golfers can train and improve their distance control and club gapping with ease using the FS Golf app. She nearly made the cut and even beat some of the men in the field. The great mystery of driving figures is what shafts were used when looking at swing spoeeds. This drains the passion from what coaching really should be about; producing world-class human beings that will live happy, productive lives after their college days. When Annika Sorenstam was invited to play in the PGA TOURs Bank of America Colonial tournament, she averaged almost 270 yards/drive that yearwhich would put her at about 102 mph. While I admire many of my friends in the business, I do think it is time that we had a conversation about their mental health and well-being. If that push slice is mostly when trouble is left, that sounds more like a mental thing. . Both were aspiring young professionals with gentle souls, a deep passion for the game, and simply wonderful human beings. Lets drill down and take a look at some other club head speed numbers. In other words, your average of 113 mph for the 17-29 cohort is actually above TrackMan's 99th percentile! Based on the swing speed charts, there is a direct relationship between distance and scoring within the golf course. Thats funny, i carry my 8 175 but i cant carry a driver over 285 i need a fitting. Once this part of journaling becomes a habit, you will find yourself not wanting to have to write down the Not well part of the day. Using your chart I get above average short/mid iron distance, but lower driver. 110 is right on the line between stiff and extra stiff shafts. The PGA Tour and LPGA Tour numbers were pulled from the Trackman website in 2010. However, theres another way to get more distance that most people, even tour players, dont even know about (and how easy it is to do) or realize is possible swing speed training. This includes countless hours of recruiting, fundraising, and navigating through endless paperwork. None of those play here this week, but that doesnt detract from the top of the market. t about it? Good to know the spin/launch numbers I should be aiming for. It generally aims to permit the practicing of the tempo of the swing. Several years ago I could hit a 7-iron 215 yards with good height, I was playing my irons way back in my stance and really pinching the ball, thus de-lofting the club to a 3-iron, The discrepancy in your distance are probably due to ball position. At the moment, the European Tour (now the DP World Tour) doesnt post average club head speeds for the tour. These guys arent hurting for speed, but they could definitely use more. There is always a ball mark and when soft my ball has spun backwards. Above 94mph. Club Head Speed Swing Training #1 Initially, the number 1 training for the clubhead speed swing generally entails no golf club at all. That might be low enough to still make up for the distance gap from LPGA to PGA TOUR courses. Age Men Women; 10-16 years old: 93: 83: 17-29 years old: 113: 93: 30-50 years old: 103: 88: 50-60 years old: 98: 73: 60+ years old: 93: 72 . Thats part of what we do here at Swing Man Golf with whats available in All-Access. But, hitting a golf drive by performing this drill is not also achieved. As we get older and lose some club head speed, it is worth having a driver with a few more degrees of angle on the club face. Checking the fit of your clubs on a budget. Morning 9: Another Tiger surgery | Ko looking to end major drought | Lexi playing hurt at first major, Viktor Hovland appeared to send a message to brutally slow Patrick Cantlay during Masters final round, Controversial analyst says Phil Mickelson and LIV golf were the winners at 2023 Masters, Morning 9: Tour announced new fall schedule | Cowherd: LIV won Masters | Tiger 1997 Masters ball at auction. That club is going in my bag! However, also keep in mind that a wider stance also limits you to exert movement in rotating the hips. Do you know what kind of simulator it is? Now, Im not sure if the equipment Ive used over the years could be wrong but im always right around 86mph and carry the ball 260-270 yds on average. 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