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Zaphod Beeblebrox | Type of Villain Season Seven: Rapunzel Tremaine/Victoria Belfrey Cinderella/Jacinda Vidrio Tiana/Sabine Alice/Tilly Drizella/Ivy Belfrey Anastasia Gothel/Eloise Gardener Eudora Dr. Facilier/Mr. Gustav the Giant | In the movie, he starts up hiding his true self and pretending to like Elsa and Anna, while he really wants to chase Elsa away by unlocking her and her kingdom's secrets, control the place and transport the riches to his country. Tess Tyler | Rid Arendelle of Elsa to bring back summer. Captain Rochefort | Lord Dominator | J.P. Stiles | Mizrabel | Lucinda | Vikings | Hans believes her to be in peril and assembles volunteers to embark on a search-and-rescue mission. The Watcher | Music: Frozen musical soundtrack Disney Karaoke: Frozen Disney Karaoke Series: Frozen II I am an admin of this site. Susan Skidmore | Bandar Log (1998) | Though he believes otherwise, he's a terrible dancer, constantly stepping on Anna's toes and making a complete fool out of himself. Kakamora | Taylor Krane | Edgar Dalloway | Wu | San Than | Stitches | Prince Joachim | King Nicholas. Mr. Big | Alonzo Hawk | Maestro Forte | Duke of Weselton is a dignitary from Arendelle's neighboring kingdom Weselton, commonly mispronounced as Weasel Town (although if one is fluent in German language and pronunciation, it would be pronounced as VAY-zel-tun). Neverland Pirates (Mr. Smee) | The Duke of Weselton [3] Lyle Tiberius Rourke | Cutler Beckett | While traversing the caverns, Elsa encounters snowy manifestations of various figures from her past, including the Duke. Boogeyman | Sergeant Clairbourne | Categories. William Cecil Clayton | Mr. Dawes Sr. | Jadis's Army are supporting antagonists of the 1950 fantasy novel The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and its adaptations. However, Hans angrily says Anna has given him orders to protect Arendelle. Rippen | Hans suggests to Anna to take him with but Anna puts him in charge of Arendelle, the city he wants to protect, and the duke gets angry for wanting to control Arendelle himself. Though he believes otherwise, he's a terrible dancer, as he constantly steps on Anna's toes and makes a complete fool out of himself. Over time, the living conditions in Arendelle worsen steadily. Cad Spinner, Animated Television John Ratcliffe | Chato | Queen Narissa | Along with the other dignitaries, the Duke attends Elsa's crowning coronation as well as the ball thrown in honor of her first night as queen. The Evil Queen | However, the Duke ends up being played by a far greater threat, Prince Hans. Mitch Bishop | Rid Arendelle of Elsa to bring back summer.Exploit the kingdom's tradable goods and riches (both failed). Belle Bottom is the main antagonist of the 2022 Illumination film Minions: The Rise of Gru (the sequel to Minions and another prequel to Despicable Me). He is a supercilious and avaricious dignitary with a fear of magic. Gideon | Obake | The Duke of Weselton is first seen with his bodyguards entering Arendelle and nearing the castle gates. Solaria Butterfly | Iago (2019) | Kylo Ren | He is a smart-mouthed weasel who works as a two-bit crook. Honest John | The Formless | Earl Raymond | Brad & Brads | LeFou (2017) | Duke Sigmund Igthorn | Speckles | Mad Doctor | Dr. Claw | The Duke of Weselton ordering his thugs to kill Elsa with no remorse. Evil Clown | If you are going to edit a lot, then make yourself a user and login. Rat (2019) | Card Soldiers | ShowboatingSchemingManipulating rich people Abis Mal | While traversing the caverns of a mystic river called the Ahtohallan, Elsa encounters snowy manifestations of various figures from her past, including Hans and the Duke. Toon Patrol (Smartass, Greasy, Psycho, Wheezy & Stupid) | Merlock | When trouble occurs, he will always hide behind his bodyguards and rely on them to subdue the situationrather than jumping into action himself. The Duke is also a recurring character in the comics where he, Anna and Elsa interact better with each other, but they are still not necessarily friends. Grogar angry breakdown, as he having to had enough of this argument by the three villains. Duke Weaselton was first seen in the film stealing onions at a shop. Black Thing | Giants (Bloodbottler & Bonecruncher) | However. Giant Magnet | Tom, Dick & Stanley (2017) | Atticus Thorn | Inside the castle, the Duke overlooks the kingdom and notes the dropping temperature. He is also extremely interested in Arendelle's history, wanting to know why the castle gates were locked for so many years, and why castle grounds were off limits to outsiders, showing a nosy side of the dignitary. Goals Chacha | General Hux | Jadis' Secret Police (Maugrim & Vardan) | Meanwhile, in the castle parlor, Hans decides he'll go back out in an attempt to find Anna, but one of the dignitaries suggests he stays behind, as he's all Arendelle has should Anna fail to return. They are convinced that Elsa should be punished, and because of the duke, the royal guards went to kill Elsa. Mr. Whiskers | Anna intervenes, leading the Duke to suspect that she is a "monster", too. Grim Reaper | Brick Bristol | Wildebeests (Blag) | Belle is first seen being chased by the Anti-Villain League . Henry Burke | Kronk | When the duke's thug, stuck between ice walls, tries to shoot Elsa with a bow and arrow, Hans tries to shoot it up and miss her. Jonathan Runyon (Once Upon a Time)Robert Creighton (musical; debut) Hans tells the thugs not to kill Elsa, but they don't listen and hunt her anyway. He is a supercilious and avaricious dignitary with a fear of magic. Kaa (2016) | Seeing the opportunity to kill Elsa, he took advantage of her powers, actually scaring the public and intending to control them. Evanora | Captain Phasma | Amos Thorpe | King Andrias | Flintheart Glomgold | Egotistical Aristocrat. Lars | Trudy Van Tubb | Shark | He is a supercilious and avaricious dignitary with a fear of magic. Clarabelle Cow | Sheep Cops | Ingrid the Snow Queen | The stubborn Duke finds it hard to believe, as she nearly killed him with her magic during the chase. Hans Reinhardt | However plausible the lie is, an unamused Helga rejects him as she knows the kind of man he is. Leland Drury | The Duke appears in Frozen: Live at the Hyperion at Disney California Adventure, playing a role similar to that in the film. Duke Weaselton | Near the end it was revealed that his panic was only to get Elsa into trouble, as he found excuses to stay away from jail, and he was anyway arrested for his crimes. Ripslinger | The Sorceress | Bandar Log (2016) (King Louie (2016)) | That was all before Elsa had to discover and find out about King Runeard, who is even worse than The Duke himself. Frollo's Soldiers (Captain Phoebus, Brutish Captain, Oafish Guard, Pierrat Torturue & Henriet Cousin) | Bertram-Bots | The entire event was merely a chance to become closer to the two princesses, hoping a close relationship would further enhance his trading business with Arendelle. The Duke is a short and slender man with pink skin, a large pointed nose, blue eyes, small circular glasses, a gray mustache above his lips, gray hair on the sides and back of his head, and a gray toupee on the top of his head. Butch Cavendish | Mandarin | Stunned, the Duke mourns her loss before declaring Elsa to be, without further doubt, a threat to their lives. Park attractions He then watches Hans trying to kill Elsa, making sure his plans havent failed. Borra | Hazel Swearengen | When Elsa is revealed to have magical powers, however, the Duke deems her a monster and becomes determined to have her killed. Bori Khan | Mike | He is the conniving, egotistical and manipulative Duke of one of Arendelle's neighboring kingdoms, Weselton, and seeks to exploit Arendelle's goods for his own benefit. Upon seeing Elsa, they immediately take action and attack. View source. He was at one point proven to show some tragic emotions, when he actually pretended to cry about Anna's death. Anna and Elsa's steward, Kai, introduces the duke, mispronouncing the name of his kingdom, to which the Duke responds by harshly correcting Kai. Ms. Diekendaker. Toffee | Cardinal Richelieu | Attempted regicideConspiracyAttempted exploitationAbuse of power Card Soldiers | Lash | Neighbor Jones | Beast (2017) | He was voiced (deeply) by David Berni in a German accent. Bennett Hoenicker | Goals Villains & Antagonists Wikia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Duke Weaselton is the tertiary antagonist of the film Zootopia. Lilith Clawthorne | Unknown Jay Fuller | Initially, the Duke's design was intended for a benign royal handler for Anna and Elsa after the deaths of their parents. The Duke tries to make amends with the queen, but due to his assassination attempts, he is forcibly escorted back to his ship to be deported. In the middle of his routine, he questions Anna about the closure of the castle gates, to which she nervously claims ignorance. Nathaniel | It's unknown what happened to the Duke and his thugs after returning to Weselton, but it's possible that they may have been punished by the King of Weselton for their actions in Arendelle or even stripped from their positions. Jasper and Horace (2021) | Namaari | Coop | Opal Koboi | Boreas | Prince Hans | Saw Gerrera | Lip-Lip | The Duke of Weselton, simply known as The Duke, is the main antagonist (alongside Prince Hans ) of the 2013 Disney animated film Frozen. Chuckles | The Snow Queen is later captured and imprisoned in Arendelle's dungeon. The duke then says once monster softly while not looking shocked, revealing it is still part of the plan, and then shouts loudly monster in order to chase her away and celebrate victory on his plan. Duke of Weselton, also known as Weasel Town, is the secondary antagonist of the Disney's animated film Frozen. However, to free the land from the curse, Anna volunteers to go after the queen. Morgana | Gorog | Xerxes | Dr. Slicer | The Duke scolds Hans for "giving away all of Arendelle's tradable goods", believing it to be a waste of resources and time. The duke says she nearly killed him, in order to make Anna feel guilty and go looking for her. Madam Mim | King Leonidas | Portrayed by Allegiant General Pryde | Duke of Weselton (commonly mispronounced as "Weasel Town") is the secondary antagonist of Disney's 2013 animated feature film, Frozen. It's highly recommended you see the movie (and Frozen Fever) first before reading this page. Andrei Strasser | Later, Elsa gets angry at Anna, she soon shows her snow powers, and the duke smiles and whispers to his guards that he knew there was something dubious he could take advantage of. The Duke visits Arendelle in honor of Queen Elsa's coronation, with plans to exploit the kingdom's riches. William Weatherall Wilkins | Lying.Terrorizing and manipulating others. He then takes part in the finale reprise of "Let It Go". Not too long after the comedic scene, Anna and Elsa get into an argument, and the drama causes Elsa's secret power over ice and snow to be revealed. Horned King | But Anna saves Elsa and the duke gets unhappy and is later discovered as a criminal as he goes back to jail in his own country, Weselton. Victor Krane | Both series: Jafar's Snake Staff Enchanted Hearts Jafar's Lamp, Original Songs: "Powerful Magic" The Queen Sings Love Doesn't Stand a Chance Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine Wicked Always Wins Charmings vs. Lady Tremaine | Shere Khan | Suddenly, Anna's horse rushes into the square, but without the princess. Gregorio Casal | In 2021, the Duke debuted as a walkaround character in Disneyland, greeting guests during the Merriest Nites holiday event. Dr. Gwen Lichtman | Aunt Sponge | James Stone | Status Coachman's Minions | Beagle Boys | Alex | Separatists of Saporia (Andrew & Clementine) | Nathaniel Flint | None specifically John Silver | The Great Villains Wiki presents a gallery for The Duke of Weselton. Zadoc | Chief | The design eventually fell to the wayside, but was revived and reworked when a design was needed for a villainous character that served as a red herring to the plot. The Duke of Weselton is character played by ShootingStar75. Season Seven: "Hyperion Heights" "A Pirate's Life" "The Garden of Forking Paths" "Beauty" "Greenbacks" "Wake Up Call" "Eloise Gardener" "Pretty in Blue" "One Little Tear" "The Eighth Witch" "Secret Garden" "A Taste of the Heights" "Knightfall" "The Girl in the Tower" "Sisterhood" "Breadcrumbs" "Chosen" "The Guardian" "Flower Child" "Is This Henry Mills?" Myra Santelli | Emilia | The fearful Duke calls her out, claiming it to be sorcery, and orders his men to capture her (forgetting that he's in Arendelle, where he is not the one in charge). Disney Enchantment Disneyland Forever Frozen Forever Happily Ever After Harmonious Illuminate! However, he did so only to prove Elsa was a monster. Dawn Buckets | Mary Poppins - Elsa (Frozen) Michael Banks Bssss - Captain Hook (Peter Pan) Mr. Banks - Flynn Rider (Tangled) Mrs. Banks - Rapunzel (Tangled) Uncle - Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog) Ellen - Carlotta (The Little Mermaid) Mrs. Brill - Grandmother Fa (Mulan) Katie Nanna - Aunt Pristine Figg (Tom and Jerry The Movie) Mr. Dawes Sr. - Hans (Frozen) Mr. Dawes Jr. - The Duke of Weselton . Winifred Sanderson | He is a supercilious and avaricious dignitary with a fear of magic. Anacleto Faina | His title proves he holds great power in his homeland, and on his formal wear, one . Later, Elsa gets angry at Anna, she soon shows her snow powers, and the duke smiles and whispers to his guards that he knew there was something dubious he could take advantage of. Queen of Hearts | Charles Olympus | To cover up his failed seduction, the Duke explains to Helga that Ingrid attempted to win his romantic affection, but when he refused her, she used magic on him. Pain and Panic | Oogie Boogie | Dobbs | Lazlo | Nikabrik | Occupation Brad Buttowski | Scab and Scraw | Lobster Mobster and Da Shrimp | Much to the Duke's shock, the entire kingdom is thawed. Evil, cold, wicked, cruel, ambitious and monstrous, as all he cared about is money and power, and as he would do anything to achieve his goals. Ludo | However, soon enough, Elsa gains the upper hands and uses her abilities to battle the duo, nearly killing them until Hans intervenes. Commander Heist | Leviathan | Master Gracey | Esmeralda Di Pietro | Zhan Tiri | Lion | Full Name After that, Anna's horse comes back, making the duke shocked about them being still alive. The Duke is also mistrusting, as he had preconceived suspicions that Queen Elsa's reclusion was an attempt to hide something dubious. Erik & Francis | Rourke's Mercenaries (Helga Sinclair) | Clment Galn | Trey | The Duke of Weselton is referred to as "The Little Dipper". Artemis Fowl | A.J. Miners | Mrs. Satterfield | Boogeymen | The Collector (Bonkers) | Samuel Mason | Scar | When Anna came back, the duke looked at Hans in the eyes. Frozen Undertow | Wilson Croft | Supreme Leader Snoke | NOTE: This article is about Ursula from the 2023 live-action version. The Duke immediately panics and calls for Elsa's arrest. When Anna came back, the duke looked at Hans in the eyes. The Duke of Weselton appears in live-action form in the seventh episode of the fourth season of the series, portrayed by Jonathan Runyon. After he was put into jail, no money or tradable goods are sent to Weselton by decree of Arendelle. In the middle of his routine, he questions the princess as to why the castle gates were closed for so many years, to which she nervously claims ignorance on the situation. Janice Avery | Mr. Boogedy | Stabbington Brothers | Amos Slade | Tony Perkis | Season Four: "A Tale of Two Sisters" "White Out" "Rocky Road" "The Apprentice" "Breaking Glass" "Family Business" "The Snow Queen" "Smash the Mirror" "Fall" "Shattered Sight" "Heroes and Villains" "Darkness on the Edge of Town" "Unforgiven" "Enter the Dragon" "Poor Unfortunate Soul" "Best Laid Plans" "Heart of Gold" "Sympathy for the De Vil" "Lily" "Mother" "Operation Mongoose" Mel Meyer | Drizella Tremaine | ManipulationControl over bodyguards He is a low-life weasel crook who Judy successfully captured in the film. Shark | CLU 2 | Agent Johnson | Villain Description Baron and Baroness von Troken | Foxy Loxy | Lonesome Ghosts | Dimitri Denatos | Hans tells the thugs not to kill Elsa, but they don't listen and hunt her anyway. When Anna comes past him he asks her if she has sorcery in her too in order to chase her away. Affiliations Mr. Winkie | Kalabar | Mary Sanderson | Varian | Bjornson the Cheesemonger, Direct-to-video/Disneytoon Studios Sequels Forty Thieves | Chhainu | Kaita | Dislikes Juice | Parker | Bookman | Later on, back in Arendelle, things have become worse with the snow having become ice, freezing the entire kingdom, and the living conditions become unbearable for the citizens as, due to the curse overcoming the land in the middle of summer, no one is prepared for the harsh winter weather that's arrived. However, he stops Ingrid and remarks on her incredible beauty. Under Hans's command, Erik and Francis journey to Elsa's ice palace. He was portrayed by Jim Gaffigan, who also . Bowler Hat Guy | Madame Leota | Professor J.T. Cogs | Ben Buzzard | "Bad Blood" "Home" "Nothing to Fear" "Dirty Little Secrets" "Heart of the Matter" "To Catch a Thief" "And They Lived", Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Wonderland Castle The Mad Hatter's House White Rabbit's House Underland Tulgey Wood He has two guards at his disposal named Erik and Francis, willing to assist him in whatever he needs. Gladys | LAIX (Marcos Golden, Carmn Laguardia, Alex Gutirrez, Mara Morales, Guillermo Ruz & Antonio Gutirrez) | When Elsa says she can't stop winter, the duke plotted with Hans. Skeleton Pirates | Nigel Snyder | Duke of Weselton Yeti (Expedition Everest) | Season Three: Peter Pan/Malcolm/Pied Piper Ariel Zelena/The Wicked Witch of the West Glinda/The Good Witch of the South Walsh/Wizard of Oz Elsa the Snow Queen Tinker Bell Blackbeard Lumiere Ursula the Sea Goddess Jonathan Dorothy Gale The Witch of the East Rapunzel Rapunzel's Mother Rapunzel's Father The Sheriff of Hamelin Medusa Prince Eric Liam Jones Roland He is the sociopathic and tyrannical ruler of Weselton, and one of Arendelle's favorite trade partners. Isaac | Darth Vader | Disgusted by Hans' claims, the Duke's silenced until Anna's horse returns alone. Jassi | She is an evil sea witch out to take over the ocean by overthrowing King Triton. Fliplip, Sidney and Armadillo | Gelman | Toy Bull | Molly, Comics Sugar Plum Fairy | Easy." "Easy." "Princess Anna is in trouble." "I need volunteers to go with me to find her." "Do you understand?" "Don't be the monster they fear you are!" Notices a henchman getting a clear shot at Elsa "I couldn't just let them kill you." "If you would just stop the winter." He instead expresses his concern that Elsa and Anna are conspiring against the kingdom, and stresses that action should be taken before they can attack. Vane | Terence Wheeler | PAT | Duke of Weselton | Nemean Lion | Aaron Burr | Dr. Drakken | Stepmother | Ned and Zed | Snerbert | Rinzler | The Dukes likeness briefly appears in Ahtohallan. Mr. Patel | The Duke of Weselton, simply known as The Duke, is the main antagonist (alongside Prince Hans)of the 2013 Disney animated film Frozen. Sharon Benson | Adrean, also known by his mainstream title The Duke of Weselton, is the central antagonist of the fanmade E-Book Frozen: True Love. The Duke immediately agrees with Anna's decision. Cherokee | Briar Cudgeon | Steve Ellinger | Character information He is the cunning and decieving duke of Weselton who used to be a good trading partner for Arrendelle's royal family. When Anna tells Hans she will go looking for her, the duke quietly whispers to his guard "yes!" He was voiced by Santino Fontana . Stanley Pines | Jasper and Horace | But Anna saves Elsa and the duke gets unhappy and is later discovered as a crimminal as he goes back to the jail in his own country, Weselton. Sending his two guards to help Hans find Elsa and secretly kill her, he had no emotions or excuses, as that was a very bright part of his true nature. Walrus & Carpenter | Brooke | Professor Nefarious | Sebastian Krane | After the duke starts thinking that Anna and Elsa are dead, the duke has time to get Hans against the citizens. Captain Putty | Lothar | Jim Bob | In response, Hans and the royal guards hand out free cloaks and other necessities for the kingdom's inhabitants, much to the Duke's dismay. The Three Little Wolves | Mr. Prince Hans is the main antagonist (alongside The Duke of Weselton) of the 2013 Disney film Frozen. Even so, the Snow Queen is captured and imprisoned, though the order given to the Duke's thugs either remained confidential or ignored, as the Duke was not seen given any punishment or word on the matter, though the thugs were not seen again for quite some time, likely suspended as punishment for disobeying Hans' commands. Toon Patrol (Smartass, Greasy, Psycho, Wheezy & Stupid) | Shiyoon Kim Witch | Mr. Stallwood | Cuddles | Shelley | Parades: Disney Magic on Parade Disney Stars on Parade Festival of Fantasy Parade Frozen Royal Welcome Parade Magic Happens Mickey's Storybook Express Paint the Night Parade Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: DreamLights Unknown Hygge I Can't Lose You Kristoff Lullaby Monster True Love Colder by the Minute Te K | Ronno | In the end, he was sent to detention in his own land, as a result of his actions, and he did find excuses to remain all-powerful, and outside the jail. Were-Rat | Kerwood Krinkle | In the Fantasyland Faire production of Frozen, the Duke is portrayed by Mr. Jones. Contents 1 Background 1.1 Official Disney Bio 1.2 Personality 2 Role in the film 3 Trivia Background Frank Sitwell | Take over Arendelle and its riches by assassinating Queen Elsa and Princess Anna (failed). King George III | Dark Dragon | Latham Cole | Humma Kavula | Mr. Burgermeister | However, Hans doesn't believe it and says that he will not even think about handing Arendelle to a traitor. Contents 1 Role in the film 2 Gallery 3 Trivia 4 References Ian the Gator | Despite their loyalty, they are often perplexed by the Duke's eccentricity. She tries to kill the American Dragon who at first unknown to her is Jake Long, a boy at her school who she has a crush on, oblivious to his feelings of love for her. Ronald Longcape Jr. | FrozenFrozen II (cameo) Edgar Volgud | Anna replies she doesn't know and stops dancing with him, but the greedy duke, wanting to brainwash Anna into talking more about it, says that if she wants another dance she will get one. Nizam | Zafire | Titans (Lythos, Hydros, Pyros, Stratos & Arges) | After several years of happiness and joy in Arendelle, Elsa goes on her journey through the spirit world as the spirits at one point guide her through her past. The Duke declaring Elsa a monster after her powers are exposed. Speed | Pluto's Devil | Swinburne | The Duke of Weselton is a dignitary from Arendelle's neighboring duchy Weselton. Shere Khan (2016) | Season Four: Anna Kristoff Hans Grand Pabbie Sven Ursula the Sea Witch Marshmallow Little Bo Peep The Apprentice Ingrid Lily Page Colette Oaken King of Arendelle Queen Gerda Cruella De Vil Poseidon Duke of Weselton Hans' Brothers Chernabog King Stefan Isaac/The Author Madeline Merlin/The Sorcerer King Ferdinand VI | Lexi Reed | Lope de Aguirre | Emperor Sheev Palpatine | The plan goes even better when she by mistake almost freezes the duke. Hans, while fighting Marshmallow, sees the two thugs running into Elsa's castle in order to try and kill her. (Once Upon a Time, Angelica Teach | xenoblade chronicles 2 best core chips, man utd v liverpool worldwide viewing figures,

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